Charles is about six feet tall and weighs around two hundred pounds. He is a sturdy man used to a life of labor. He normally keeps his face and head clean shaven, but at the moment he is in need of a shave and a haircut.


Charles began life as a slave on Trinidad. His mother was an African/Taino mix and his father might have been the Spanish or French friend of their owner. His first owner gave him the name Charles as part of some joke that Charles never got.

When he was fifteen he had the opportunity to escape and joined a pirate crew. For the next five years he learned how to be a sailor and a pirate. Through contacts that he made in various pirate friendly ports he learned a variety of interesting skills – carpentry, the violin, and the works of William Shakespeare.

His last cruise saw the captain attempt to take a fat ship heavily laden with cargo. It turned out to be a trap and the crew tried to run too late. They Spanish boarded the ship and captured the pirates. Most were hanged, but several of them, including Charles, were sold into slavery.

Though he doesn’t know it, Charles has become involved in the affairs of a number of vampires. He was made a ghoul and is starting to catch on to his unusual abilities. Though he has found them very useful, he is starting to fear that he has been cursed by some devil creature, or that his soul is no longer as safe as he might have once believed.


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